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Venture Investments & Incubation

Top Fi is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that invests in the blockchain passive income and entertainment sectors in a diverse manner. The DAO is made up of one main token, $TOP, which is a passive income mechanism based on the OHM-REBASE paradigm.

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$10k airdrop!

Top Fi is currently hosting a $10,000 airdrop for any holders of TOP! To be elegible for the airdrop, you MUST own TOP and be Bonding and/or Staking within the Top Fi dApp. Click "Enter Airdrop" to learn more.

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Depositing on Arbitrum Network

You can deposit and redeem against treasury assets using our website. This avoids frontrunning and market making cost.

A Winning Team

Top Fi has a highly experienced and motivated core team with in-depth market knowledge and a desire to disrupt the DeFi 2.0 space. Our highly skilled developers can analyze, develop, and deploy smart contracts to maximize earnings from open-source technologies.

Sustainable Growth

Top Fi is focused on steady, sustainable growth for our community of investors through multiple income streams, including investments in the Web 3.0 projects and bonding/staking of our TOP token.

Bulletproof Tokenomics

Top Fi's tokenomics have several safeguards and other features in place to avoid dilution of the supply, which leads to devaluation of the token. It is our aim to make the TOP token deflationary over time.

Community Governance

The Top Fi controls the operations of the protocol, deciding on everything from investment opportunities to treasury allocations. Every decision is voted on by the DAO members, who are rewarded for their participation .

Fairness and Transparency

Every decision taken for the protocol is done so with fairness and full transparency for all community members to verify. There are also mechanisms in place to ensure fair earning distributions to investors, while the open source nature of the proiect allows anyone to see the Top Fi code. Our code also undergoes annual audits to ensure it remains secure and fair.

Power of the DAO

The DAO is the nerve center of the entire Top Fi operation, encompassing Top Fi.Trade, trading algorithms, a SaaS company and much more. The profits from all these ventures will always flow back to the DAO where they will be distributed fairly. This system is the embodiment of our decentralized ethos, and one that will remain at our core permanently.

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